Isn’t this going too far?


Albert Saber, the man who allegedly posted “Innocence of Muslims” on his Facebook wall for the first time in Egypt has been charged with insulting religion and is still awaiting trial.

School teacher sentenced to prison for posting cartoons deemed defamatory to Prophet Mohammed on Facebook.

Children arrested for “insulting Islam” by tearing up pages of Islam’s holy book, despite being illiterate and having found those papers playing near a pile of garbage.

Loved this article on this issue!


The (also illiterate, and, OMG, also Christian!) girl accused of tearing up pages of the Quram in order to make a fire is still in danger. Weeks ago, the cleric who initially accused her was found to have been intentionally placing these pages within other rubbish items, thus setting a trap to the entire Christian community of the area. But now, witnesses willing to declare against him have backtracked and have changed their statements. 


On October, a woman who was allegedly raped by police officers was charged with indecency, later supported by thousands of indignant Tunisians. 

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