A history of Tahrir: evolution of the symbolic square, with beautiful photos illustrating it (it’s never too late to see how wonderful Cairo was before!)

Cairo’s Graffiti Revolutionaries Reclaim Wall: how the youth in Egypt fairly lay claim to something that has already become theirs.

Harassment in Egypt: a disgrace that doesn’t seem to go away, but instead apparently worsened after the “Revolution”–> it seems the campaign may be bearing its fruit

Why don’t men cover their faces? A breathtaking column in the style of the famous Why do they hate us? by Mona Eltahawy

A difficult balancing act (in Spanish): France has expelled a Muslim cleric, a decision that inevitably raises more fundamental questions, particularly about the actual degree of integration of these communities in Europe.

In this respect, a Muslim party won two seats in recent local elections held in Belgium, a result spurring widespread controversy across the heterogeneous country.

War crime in Syria Really? At least it helps people not to forget the already 20 month (and counting) conflict…

Elections in the West Bank A positive but limited step (women had an important role to play, actually!) + touching video coverage by the NYT

Turkey May Set Its Clocks To Mecca, Not Greenwich Time: a step towards a not so much a secular country

Finally, the Coptic Church has a new Pope (in Spanish by Ricard) Also on Scoop Empire by Maria (don’t I have talented friends?)

Deep analysis of Assad’s personality (in Spanish)… How did he end up being a murderer? 

Lebanon wants to sue the TV Show “Homeland” for misrepresenting Beirut

Swiss investigators will proceed to the exhumation of Arafat’s body (in Spanish) Will light be finally cast on his death?

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