Israel´s demography and why it matters

A breakthrough report was recently published by The Marker. The document is based on data from the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bureau of Statistics and casts lights on an enlightening figure: of the 12 million residents living in Israel and the Palestinian Authority’s areas (West Bank), only 5.9 million are Jews. A report whereby, as of today (well, particularly as of 25 April 2012), there are more Palestinians than Jews in the territory under the name of “Israel”, thus underlying a terrifying fact for the Israeli Government: Jews are nowadays a minority in the historic territory of Palestine, in the area of what some call “greater Israel”. Imagine what could happen if all these Arabs were granted the same rights (especially regarding right to public participation) as Jews!!
I instantly linked this data to the results of a poll (sample of 503 people out of approximately 5.9 million Jewish Israelis) also recently published in Haaretz whereby 58% of Israelis admit that Israel has an apartheid political system (even though the term is usually rejected in public among the population). Those who took the survey were asked whether Jewish citizens would support rights for the 2.5 million Palestinians living in the West Bank if Israel annexed it: even though 48% would oppose the annexation , 38% would support it. That’s not the worst bit: 69% of respondents said Palestinians should be prevented from voting in elections, and 47% would even support the expulsion of Arabs from Israel to Palestinian-controlled territory!
Moreover, 69% of the respondents believe Jews should be given preference over Israel’s Palestinian Arab citizens as candidates for government jobs. 42% conceded they did not want to share a building with an Arab family (or even allow their children to be in the same class as Arab children!). 74% of Jewish settlers in the West Bank affirmed they favour segregated roads across the territory. Even though this may seem like shocking news, the survey merely (and sadly) confirms what is already happening on the ground: Israel is an apartheid system where a Jewish minority rules over an Arab majority. It should be reminded that, under International Law, apartheid is a crime against humanity.
Source: El Pais

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