More articles on the serious issue of sexual harassment
Women are people, too (the title says it all)
Landmark sentence in Egypt (hopefully, the first among many)

More on the new Syrian opposition
Composition of the SNC
About the SNC’s new President
A Syrian dissident’s take

Reform in Saudi Arabia?
Saudis face “seeds of discord” trial
The younger generation at last?

Obama’s reelection and the Middle East: great piece by The Arabist’s Issandr El Amrani

Also on The Arabist, IDEA’s pundit’s take on the Egyptian Constitution in the offing (great podcast!)

The future of Middle East regionalism by The Internationalist

North Korea attempted to provide the Syrian regime with weapons: a new “evil axis”?

14 March’s members and relatives of Shia hostages hand in hand: beautiful story showing Lebanon’s potential for peace and understanding

The pyramids in danger? No comment on that, just look at what they have done in Mali…

In that sense: Salafist movements threat world cultural heritage

Secularism is the only way forward. For France, for the U.S., for the Middle East

Who does an eventual conflict between Syria and Israel benefit? A really interesting question (in Spanish)

Bahrain, one year later Is it getting any better?

Libya after Gaddafi: good interview by Foreign Affairs

Most scary thing (I don’t dare calling it an article) I’ve read in weeks: Obama’s Israel “Auschwitz Borders” Policy (somebody should prevent these extremists from using symbolic words for stupid purposes)

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