Video of UN vote on Palestine
A good editorial on this issue (in French)
On how Israel is losing international support
Israel is already retaliating
First claim Palestine could issue before the ICC (remember Arafat’s body was exhumed this week)

Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum to be held on 15 December
Pro-Islamists demonstrate too
Nervana Mahmoud on Morsi’s power grab
Al Aswany’s take
Egypt’s artists have a say, too
What has Abul-Fotouh been doing?
Morsi’s four-page interview (do you think he is the “man of the year”?)
Anonymous has something to say to Egypt

Talks on the ceasefire kick off in Cairo
Ignoring the ceasefire could be “sinful”, beware!
On a strange letter to South Africa about the conflict in Gaza

Elections were held yesterday in Kuwait (background here)
The Syrian regime is using cluster bombs targeting children
Death hasn’t stopped in Lebanon (the spillover continues)
Breathtaking article on Lebanon nowadays
The new Syrian Opposition met in Cairo this week
A bank fraud in Afganishtan sparks a huge controversy 
Innocence Of Muslims controversy hasn’t ended: Coptics abroad have been sentenced to death
On Babaradei‘s controversial comment
Cairo International Film Festival kicked off this week; has something changed?
Is Doha under threat? (In French)
A Climate Summit in Qatar
Tea and tear gas in Egypt by Amnesty International
Another problem for the UK’s extradition policy (remember this?)
The ordeal of an Iraqi prostitute
A bunch of Israelis accuse SE Clinton of financing terrorists (WTF? Somebody hand these people a book or something)
Islamic feminism (for all of those who think sexual harassment is somewhat linked to religion, when it s definitely NOT)
HIV in the Arab world
A great exhibition on ME photography
On a controversial Turkish soap opera
The beautiful Jerusalem in photos
First Disney film in Arabic!
In view of what is happening in Jordan, Rania is forced to keep a low profile (in Spanish)

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