A change of tide? Israel’s ambassadors summoned after announcement of settlements’ building
How the “war in Gaza” was also fought in the net
Magnificent speech by Turkish Foreign Minister on Palestine before the UN General Assembly (no Arab country dared saying anything, though)
Abbas: “You are stronger than the occupation” (in French)
Israel is actually comfortable enough with the current situation
Jordan’s king to visit Gaza (trying to appease your own population, Your Majesty?)
Words of support are not enough: Gaza needs money to start rebuilding
Merkel and Netanyahu “agree on their disagreement” (big up!)

One of the best articles I’ve read so far on Egypt’s situation (thanks, Matteo!)
Ahhh! Egypt’s conspiracy theories! Baradei, Moussa and Sabahi are spies now
Bloodshed around the Presidential Palace (heroes like him died there)
What about the protests outside Cairo?
Media on strike in Egypt
Great headline: Morsi makes Egyptians leave their couches
Steven Cook on Morsi’s (mistaken) move 
Is Morsi a theocrat or an autocrat?
Morsi and the balance of power
Is there an Egyptian nation?
Don’t forget Egypt is going through an incredibly difficult economic situation
McCain’s warning for Egypt
Tuesday is the new Friday (brilliant!)
Tweets from the street
MB’s have allegedly set up torture chambers
One of the most controversial articles on the issue (nobody expected that from The Guardian)

Other countries are trying not to interfere, but Iran may try to meddle in the Jordanian crisis

Arab well-prepared youths come back home to save their countries?
Suspect in Benghazi US embassy attack arrested in Egypt
Did the US provide jihadists with weapons?
Western Sahara may ask for recognition, too
US and Iraq deepen military ties
Workers’ strike in Tunisia (discontent, you said?)
Double standard (again): Qatar may be the ME “rising star”, but the repression inside the country goes on (in Spanish)
¿A failed coup in Sudan?
Fighting against AIDS in the Mosques? (in French)
Syrian cinema in Paris
The true meaning of Hanukkah
11 top comedians in the Middle East
Bravo to this Saudi designer!
Kidnapped in Iran
An exhibition I would die to see: “from Damascus to Beyruth” (in French)
Great blog on the region by a smart French girl who knows what she is talking about(obviously, in French)
And don’t forget about Ricard’s blog (in Spanish)!

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