Friedman on Egypt
Albert Saber will be jailed
FT Baradei’s article (also on FT, Morsi´s betrayal)
Dismantling the MB revolutionary image (must read)
Egypt’s future will surely shape the Arab world (I could not agree more)
A concise analysis for amateurs on what is happening in Egypt (another one in Spanish)
Outrageous testimonies about MB’s violence outside the Palace
Spain does not want to extradite Mubarak’s friend
Do the poor in Cairo care about politics?
A choice between two tyrannies
Controversial stipulations of the draft constitution
Who’s the real threat to democracy?
Useful comparison of both constitutions
Reading Egypt’s Constitution
Resignation of presidential aides (wonder why…)
Egypt makes its case in DC
Morsi’s akward tax U-turn (are you admitting something’s not going right, Mr President? Cause the IMF is to decide on its badly needed loan next week)

US recognizes Syrian opposition as legitimate representatives  (too hasty a move?)
The Syrians themselves don’t want to fully recognise the new opposition
Syrian conflict escalates even further with use of scud missiles
Number of registered Syrian refugees tops 500,000 mark (and counting…)
UK military to help Syrian rebels? (a sizeable contingent has been already sent to Jordan)
Encouraging news from Syria: first steps towards a certain military unity amongst the rebels
Massacre in an Allawite village (apparently set up by the Syrian regime itself?)
Syria wants Hariri arrested (WTF?)
Blue helmets in Syria?
On the definition of rebel group Al Nusra as terrorists (apparently, they are the most effective fighters on the ground)
Flow of arms to Syria persists
Russia admits Assad is losing ground (but will keep supporting the regime)

Foreign Affairs supporting Hamas’ role?   (What?)
On the EU’s change of tide regarding Israel
On the many exiles Palestinians have had to endure
The roots of the Palestinian struggle
Israel Army forecasts more violence in West Bank
Arab-Israeli Mayor predicts a real Palestinian Spring
Palestinian killed because of a fake gun
On the strong vital link between politics and culture in Israel
Lieberman accused of graft (And resigns!)
Turkey still looks forward to making Israel pat for the “flotilla incident”
I forgot to mention Barak resigns
Hamas holds its first authorised mass demonstration in West Bank

Lebanon still has one of the best intelligence services of the world
In Lebanon, heading towards the firs HR strategy of the region (bravo!)
Clashes resume in Tripoli (spilling over..)

On Morocco´s Salafists
No sooner I speak about Morocco, one of its most charismatic leaders dies

Torture in Iraq (is the Government trying to hide something?)

Election-rigging in Algeria?

Dancing as a means of protesting in Tunisia

Jordan’s King is afraid of the future and blames others

US Defence Secretary visits Kuwait (what a lovely surprise!)

Friedman tackled the lack of leadership in the region
Saudi children left behind?
Qatar wants to amend the Arab Peace Initiative (who else?)
On worrying youth unemployment in the Arab world
A brave comedian shakes the Arab world
Halal houses in Amsterdam?
Are drugs necessary in Yemen?
On women’s rights in Jordan
A cool exhibition on Palestine in London
Interesting interview on the amazing culture (in a must-visit page!)
Cairo blind girls’ Orchestra (marvelous)
Potato festival time in Sudan!

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