Syrian vice president admits neither side can win
Syrian regime bombs Palestinian camp (and a bakery full of starving people)
The Syrian regime has been buying a huge amount of weapons
Brahimi went to Syria and urged change
The man in charge of stopping defections… defects
Preventing the use of chemical weapons in Syria
UN denounces violation of children´s rights in Syria
The struggle of Aleppo´s inhabitants
Netanyahu met Jordanian King (again) for talks on Syria

Al Ahram’s special on the Referendum
What happened to Ramses?
More on the difficult links between Morsi and the Army
Morsi´s first address to the nation after the approval of the Constitution (where he admits making mistakes!)
We have to read all types of opinions, even if we don’t agree at all with them…
On the “real Sabbahi”
Germany called for suspension of aid directed to Egypt
RIP Samer Soliman
El-Erian appointed chairman of super powerful Shura Council

Irani Government fires only female minister
Stuxnet attack was apparently caused by the US and Israel
Iran bans the usage of Facebook and Twitter… but creates a FB account for Khamenei!

On the future of Israel’s progressive Jews
Should women pray at the Western Wall?
Spain wants to build a high-speed train in Israel
On one of the advantages the ceasefire has brought to Gaza
Another solidarity mission to Gaza
Abbas will hand over authority over the West Bank… to Israel?

The UK accepts to indemnify Iraqi war victims

Arrest of terror cell in UAE
In KSA, a plot to celebrate Christmas was uncovered

On the mysterious murder by a US woman officer in Afghanistan
10 girls were killed there by a landmine

Following the content of a controversial fatwa, extremists kill aid workers in Pakistan

The wonderful story of a child survivor of Beirut bomb-attack
On Beirut’s golden years

Benazir Bhutto’s killing remembered 5 years afterwards

Ben Ali´s belongings to be auctioned
Tunisians are still unhappy and show it

US State Department figures out what happened in Libya

Christmas in the Middle East (specially in Bethlehem)
A new Arabic language?
Arabian businesses most rich men

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