Mubarak authorized repression, really?

We everybody knew that, but it´s good to know the truth is coming to light. According to an excellent article in the NYT (based on a supposedly leaked secret report recently presented to Mr Morsi), “President Hosni Mubarak watched live video feeds of the demonstrations in Tahrir Square and the brutal response by his security forces” and “authorized the use of any means to stop the demonstrations”, being aware of “the government’s widespread use of plainclothes thugs”. It has to be reminded that Mubarak was sentenced (alongside  his former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly) to life imprisonment for “failing to stop the killing of demonstrators” during the uprising (furthermore, Cairo´s Criminal Court acquitted his sons for corruption charges) and that only a handful of police officers are imprisoned, while significant top security officials were blatantly and outrageously acquitted. Could this information lead to a badly needed reconciliation process or will it further polarize Egyptian society? Will Morsi´s controversial 22 November Decree be applied? Time will tell and Egypt, as it always does when it comes to tumultuous events, will surely provide…

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