Abbas and Meshal meet (a step forward Palestinian Reconciliation?)
Palestinian Authority under threat because of economic hardship
What America should do concerning the MEPP
Moving article on the surfers in Gaza

Brave Malala left hospital

Iraqi poetry describing the disintegration of the country

A precious cooperation between Spain and Lebanon may be under threat

Mubarak asked about media gifts
A great article on the Jewish minority in Egypt
New leader for the Salafists
Avaaz petition to ask the EU to help saving Egypt
The Arabist’s view on Egypt’s cabinet reshuffle
Great article: wasn’t there a revolution in Egypt?
Brilliant article on why the MB are afraid of “Les mille et une nuits”
Egyptians pay price for tumultuous year (the title says it all)
How to lie and remain pure, by the great Al-Aswany
The decline and fall of the MB

A first for KSA: women in a representative body

Does Israel have a corruption problem?
Will Israel build a fence in the frontier with Syria?

On the mysterious killing of three Kurdish activists in Paris

A 2013 forecast for the Arab world (apparently, she’s a successful fortune teller)
Arab bloggers face prosecution
Documents illuminate Jewish Life in a Muslim Empire
A documentary on the Arab Spring
Middle East lobbying in the United States
On the effects of the Mali intervention in the whole region

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