Islamism and nudity

A brilliant article by the brilliant Nervana.

“The question of nudity and why it bothers Islamists more than water shortage, hunger, poverty, and rape, is crucial to understanding the mindset of many Islamists and how they view the outside world.” […]

“There are four crucial elements of Islamism that are directly linked to their perception of morality, which also explain their overreaction to nudity.

  1. there is the right of the society to protect its “values.” 
  2. moral code and dress code are closely linked or even synonymous. 
  3. Islamists believe that morality is essential in rebuilding the “Ummah” within their nation state.
  4. Islamists spin the prophet’s sayings (Hadith) to cover up their deep disdain for many aspects of western culture”, but they “failed to see that the prophet’s remarks were conditional upon past circumstances and were not intended to be on absolute terms”.

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