Back up and breathe

Okay, it’s been more than a month since I last wrote something meaningful (barring the post about the Third Square movement, whose date of publication wasn’t really fortunate), and I am more than sorry for that. Moreover because now that I’m IN the region, I had promised myself I would write even more often. At first I blamed the complete lack of inspiration. Three weeks of intense holidays left behind a sleepy lazy individual who could only think about being active again… in the medium term.

But after four (excessively) relaxing days at the beach, I was ready to engage in a much more meaningful research and write as if there was no tomorrow. I wanted to elaborate on polarization in Egypt, I was looking forward to explaining the current situation in Tunisia, I was very excited to delve into Lebanon’s political scenario, I was eager to closely follow the resumption of the MEPP talks, I felt my assumptions on Syria could use more knowledge… And, even though being in Egypt nowadays is harder than I ever thought and leaves no room for focusing, all of this cannot wait anymore, at least not for me. I promise!

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