New textbooks in Gaza

Months ago, I wrote about how the Lebanese school curricula were designed not to influence the pupil’s own identity, with the very particular aim of leaving the interpretation of the country’s recent History into the hands of each community. Now I bump into this article on the NYT about how Hamas has decided to change the curriculum in the Gaza Strip having the exact opposite objective in mind, that is, looking forward to infusing the next generations with its militant ideology (maybe as a consequence of it’s being shunned both at home and abroad). Coming from a country in which political ideology, more than class, culture or genetics, remains the main root of polarization between what people call “the two Spains”, I am appalled by this kind of gestures, which only teach children to be as narrow-minded as their parents often are. Israel is often criticized for adopting the same stance towards education. If Palestinians want to show they are more qualified than the former to embrace peace and tolerance, that is certainly not the path to follow.

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